You may be living your dream job—you have waited for it literally all your life. Be careful, however. This dream job of yours will most probably bring you some hiccups and hassle along the way.

Below are eight tips to help yourself recondition or start anew, giving little to no chance for stress factors that just untiringly try to knock you down. Talk about a nuisance early in the morning!

1. Eat healthy foods—you can eat them anywhere.

Whenever you decide to just order your food out, are you confident they can provide the nutrients your body needs? Be on guard. Unless they’re rich in protein and fiber, don’t grab them. This may be a challenge especially for the busy worker. Time is of the essence, so be sure you’re taking good care of yourself, even while in the fast lane.

You can prepare your food at home before going to work. By doing this, you will feel safer about what you take in as you seize the day. Pack your own food—real food. Apples with peanut butter, grain bread with turkey and cheese, fresh fruits, crackers with almond butter, unsalted nuts, hummus with vegetables—there are a lot of choices you can pick. Many will do you good. They taste great too!

2. Meditate on lunchtime.

Doing work through lunchtime does nothing but reinforces lurking stress factors, and of course, wastes your time that is supposed to be for a break. Doing this makes you feel tired and a bit agitated because you wouldn’t let your hot rods slow down. This could be tolerable for a day. If you let this happen every day, you must consider reflecting on your happiness and thought process; your wellbeing may already be compromised.

Find an empty room in the office, close the door, and meditate. Sit relaxed, close your eyes, inhale and exhale, and imagine yourself to be in your special place. If that special place is the beach for example, let your mind flow to feel rejuvenated—imagine the sound of seagulls that fly overhead, and the warm sand that now covers your toes. Walk closer to the water, dip your feet, and watch the tiny waves crash on your shins.

Connect your mind, body, and soul to where you are. Feel returning to life, as you imagine the bright future waiting for you.

3. Leave the office on time.

A sure way that would add to those stress factors is to stay in the office past 5 pm. Or generally, having to work more hours than what your job description says. Do you like to prove to yourself or your boss you can take all the work in, extending your time up to three more hours and having less sleep? You can probably make that point without compromising your stress levels at least, don’t you think?

Occasional overtime is fine. Who doesn’t need that anyway? Just don’t make it a habit. See a deadline only as a priority, say, when something big is coming up. If what you’re about to do as overtime can wait until the next day such as sending out a few emails—just go. Walk out the door. Don’t look back.

4. Become an enthusiastic list maker.

Make a list. It will help you manage, or at best, completely ignore those stress factors! Put it on your desk or in your briefcase. You can also have a small notebook to put in your pocket. The important thing is you can have access to and see your list daily without missing anything out.

Write down your goals and their pros and cons. From there you can create a list of your daily goals and a weekly planner for the major tasks you are responsible for. Stick to them religiously. After completing a task, cross it off your list.

Doing this will make you feel good as you will see an achiever working in you!

5. Avoid office gossip … no, avoid any kind of gossip!

Gossip unnecessarily adds to the load you’re already on.

Simply avoid it if you can.

Like anything in life, gossip can take its toll. Did you know that office gossip can get you fired?

Show everyone around you that you are a pleasant person by expressing your energetic, positive, and happy personality—while leaving all the gossip, among many other stress factors, to others.

If you are caught in a gossip session, try to change the topic. Persuade them to talk about something urgent. That way, the small talk is avoided and in a sense, people can actually get productive—by talking about the right things!

6. Deep breathing is the way to go!

Deep breathing is a certain way to help you especially when you think stress factors are already too much for the day. Deep breathing improves your brain function, job performance, and fatigue control. You may also inadvertently choose healthy foods just by doing this.

Use deep breathing throughout your day. It’s a good exercise to calm you down even during the most stressful situations.

Are you going to attend a closed-room meeting, talk to your boss, discuss something with a coworker, or take out a client to lunch?

Breathe. Notice the difference.

7. Look for the most difficult tasks and finish them first.

Your workload is the most common source of your stress.

Go after the most difficult tasks first and eliminate them. These tasks usually take up most of your time too.

As you go on, take pride in yourself. Be confident as you accomplish them, while leaving the easier work for later.

8. Visualize a stress-free day—and don’t be surprised if it becomes your reality!

Visualizations take your mind to somewhere pleasing. It diverts your thoughts, instead of you mainly focusing on what you have to do at work.

Focus on mental pictures of your “happy place” from a “happy moment” of your life. Take yourself many years back to when you were a kid playing with your friends on a beautiful day. Or remember why you laughed your heart out a couple of hours ago.

Visualize having no stress and let others see that kind of positivity in you!

Think About It

You can work smart while working hard. By watching out for and being in harmony with your own stress factors (yes, that is possible), you can do much more in your workplace. It doesn’t matter whether workload’s heavy on some days, or you’re fast carrying out tasks on other days. Stress can affect you more than you think. By doing the eight tips above, you’ll realize stress isn’t really that bad at all!