Let’s get down to the bottom of this—you want success, you want to be successful—no matter how you define success.

And you will go get it.

Some people say that the steps to success are simple; there should only be a few steps.

I’ll be talking about 17 on this post. That may sound a lot, but I’ll be telling you the complete steps—arranged as how steps should be. (You may want to interchange just a couple of them; that should be fine.) These 17 steps to success are all vital—no step must be skipped. A step may take a much shorter time than the others, but doing it anyway is what’s important—take the step before moving on to the next one.

1. Find that burning desire.

You may have a lot of desires, but the key word here is “burning.” You have that one desire you’ll be wanting for the rest of your life. If you’re unsure what that is right now, you’ll have to find it.

Some say passions die as we get older—I don’t totally agree with this. But we have a desire so huge that sometimes it just keeps us up at night.

What’s your burning desire? What do you want in your life?

2. Get rid of all the negative.

You can control your mind—it’s a powerful ability. That means you can decide what your mind will think, what your heart will feel.

Sometimes, though, they’d just seem impossible if you’re surrounded by negativity. And come to think of it, we live in a negative world.

That’s why you have to carefully position yourself.

It may hurt, but sometimes, you just have to stay away from negative people, too.

You have to stay positive if you’re aiming for success.

3. Be accountable for yourself.

Accountability partners are great, they’re truly helpful, but in the end, the final say will come only from you.

Own your mistakes. Don’t blame others for your failures. Do what you have to do.

You are going to be solely responsible for yourself.

4. Visualize your goals, regularly.

I’m not telling you to fantasize them—fantasizing goals could be harmful. Just keep your goals at the back of your mind. If you believe they’re going to happen—and take action—they’re going to happen.

5. Let go of fear of failure.

Fear of failure—both “fear” and “failure” come in many forms. Be mindful of how they affect your everyday life—especially if they’re already holding you back. Whether you fail at the very beginning or otherwise, just keep going.

6. Find a mentor.

You’ll need someone who’s been on the road you’re just starting to take, someone who’ll guide you along these steps to success. Find someone who has the heart to genuinely help you, who’ll be proud to see you succeed. If you can’t find one, however, then surround yourself with people who at least have similar goals as yours. Remember: Ask and you shall receive.

7. Make plans. Set goals.

Design what you’re going to do tomorrow, the day after that, next week, next month, and even better, next year.

One of the reasons most people fear the future is because they simply don’t know what to do—there are no plans, no goals—plain and simple.

You don’t have to create the most sophisticated plan right away—just make a simple one.

8. Take small steps first.

Because going all in is seldom successful.

Piecing everything takes time, effort and wits.

Think that small steps are big opportunities. Instead of procrastinating for just “short” amounts of time, use that time for those baby steps instead.

Conditioning yourself is so important, especially if you’re near success, but you’ll have to start with small steps first.

9. Collect good (or great) ideas.

Don’t trust your memory when it comes to ideas—write them down! Remember your burning desire—it’s probably going to be a long way.

You’ll gain experience. You’ll learn lessons. World-changing ideas will dawn on you. You may reach success in just a year, or twenty.

Just write down ideas. Write down especially those that fall under these two categories: what you learn, and what you wish to happen.

10. Take risks.

After having gone past the above steps to success, you’d have yourself already warmed up.

It’s time to take risks.

You’ll have the ideas, you’ll be trying them all—but you may need to focus on just one first.

Take the risk. Perhaps that one aspect isn’t the right one to focus on at present, but you have to do it—you’re not Superman. You’ll have to focus your energy, time and other resources on a big part of your work, and “turn down” the other parts, at some point.

11. Prepare for war.

Work hard. Work smart.

You’ll find ways that will and will not work. You’ll always make a decision, but whatever decision that is—you’ll have to give your all for it.

Realize that you have limited resources for now. Time, for example, is a very limited one.

Give your best. Do your best. This is the time of your life to work it!

12. Network.

Get everyone, in your industry, know what you do. You’ll need people to help you realize your dreams—but I don’t mean just one-way needing—you have to provide value for the industry, for the community. After all, value is what successful people bring.

13. Review your progress. Reflect on yourself.

You’d have done a lot of work by this phase. Check whether your accomplishments help you fulfill your burning desire.

Do you need to change some habits? Or your attitude? Or the way you deal with people?

Most of the time, consistency becomes an issue at this stage. You may need to make some changes, but don’t stop moving forward. Take rests, and continue afterwards.

14. Ask for feedback.

Feedback is for the rest you’ll be missing on Step 13 above. Ask feedback from your mentor, if not, from your mastermind group. Or at the least, from your family and friends who do similar work. Don’t take criticisms personally; use them for your own improvement.

15. Make time for the people you love.

Want to be successful? Don’t deprive yourself of support. I don’t know of anybody who’s ever reached success alone.

Being always busy is nonsense, it’s never true. If you can make time for things you don’t enjoy doing for the sake of your ultimate goals, you can definitely make time for the important people in your life.

16. Keep on learning.

Don’t settle with what you already know. A vast amount of information is available out there; it’ll help you make your life better, and achieve more success. More and more things about your goals and dreams will pique your interest. Enjoy the gift of learning!

17. Live a balanced life.

What is success to you? Sure, you’ll reach that big goal you may be working on for years. But would you also be satisfied with the other aspects of your life?

Success simply means more than any sorts of achievement, money or fame.

Do you know how to be content? Do you have inner peace? Are you happy on the whole?

A balanced life closes these steps to success.

Think About It

The way to success isn’t easy.

A lot of people love to think about things. A lot of people love to listen. A lot of people are curious. But the truth is, a lot of people just won’t apply what they know. Taking action is going to be a big part of your success. In fact, it’s going to be much, much bigger than the “thinking” part.

These are the steps to success. Write them down, or print this post, and remind yourself of them every day. Like I said, don’t entrust things like these to your memory—you need to write them down.

So, are you ready to follow these steps? Get to work, then, and reach your success!

Speak Your Mind

Which steps to success do you think are the easiest and the hardest? Which step are you already at? Tell us about them in the comments!

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