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Three Things Insecure People Don’t Let Go Of

Insecurity comes in many forms and with different causes. Each of us lives differently, on our own, and we’re simply exposed to different environments which could be a stimulus in one way or another for any type of insecurity.

There are plenty of facets in which insecure people struggle. All of which may generally fall under career, relationships, health, spirituality or personality.

For example, you may be insecure about your career because for a long time you’ve been waiting for the promotion, or a raise, but it seems that nothing is going to change soon. Or you may not feel so confident with your significant other because you think you’re not the type who’s worth keeping. Health is wealth, but you may be fearful you couldn’t afford keeping up with good health. You may also be unsure about your spiritual beliefs and because of that, you study any materials you can lay your hands on. Do you hate some of your mannerisms? Would you consider them as a source of your insecurities?

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The Top Reasons You’re Not Overcoming Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is in many ways similar to fear of the unknown. To start with, they are both only a mental obstacle. Everybody knows failure is a certainly unpredictable event it can happen to anyone. Nobody can predict whether failure is bound to happen.

Overcoming fear of failure can feel overwhelmingly worse to anyone who already has a high level of the fear.

Imagine any type of fear that would make your knees tremble. Running away from that fear could be the most convenient option, considering the availability of other choices in which you can rather spend your time and energy. But what if you want only one thing in this world that would incidentally require you to overcome that fear?

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10 Reasons the Perfectionist Is Bound to Fail

Let’s agree: No matter how good you are at managing your life, you’re still not perfect. “Nobody’s perfect,” you hear most people say. It’s a simple and well-known principle, yet there are plenty of factors, both internal and external, that could lead you to just forget it.

Then you try to be perfect.

The perfectionist will tend to raise his (or her) competitive level always, which is great as it could be a healthy way to encourage overall growth, but what he fails to realize is that successful people didn’t achieve their success because of perfectionism. They achieved success despite their being perfectionists. There is evidence that given both perfectionists and non-perfectionists who have the same set of skills and talents, the perfectionists will likely perform less efficiently.

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The Types of Motivation You Need to Get Things Done

It’s the reason you keep going. It’s why even in unexpected circumstances, or when your mood isn’t quite right, or when there’s simply something bothering you which you believe will be holding you back for several days—you still keep going.

That’s right, motivation simply could fuel you into consistent action.

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Heed the Effects of Procrastination Now (Yes, Now)

Sometimes we find ourselves spacing out, daydreaming, laying our eyes on almost anything. Then suddenly we feel we wish we were doing something else, something different, something worthwhile, something fun. We impulsively shift into thinking we’re not happy doing what we’re doing at the moment.

Then we start to procrastinate.

The effects of procrastination have long been tagged as a bad thing. Simply put, when we procrastinate, we’re merely told we really have no other choice but to change our ways, in the hopes of doing better for our life. But I believe this isn’t always the case.

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Easily Distracted? Rejoice!

You’re busy, admit it. In one way or another, there comes a time when you want your total focus on something. You want to take control so you can carry on with minimal or no problems at all.

Distractions are among those problems.

Everybody has their own level of tolerance for distractions. Some could be easily distracted; some seem to have been given the gift to block distractions even in the noisiest environments.

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How to Sharpen Your Mind: 10 Tips for the Thinker

Learning is an everyday process we come face to face with and a vital part of our life. It shows new knowledge so we can basically survive, and much more, enjoy what could actually be achieved.

The value of making up your mind to learn another new lesson is priceless. But you have to make sure you’re indeed able to embrace it and it’s going to stick. In such a case, a conditioned mind may be all you need.

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Importance of Time Management: 9 Lessons You’ll Learn

You’ve heard about time management. You may even still hear about it anywhere—especially at work. (Do you hear people complain how they don’t have time to exercise?)

Whatever you do, the importance of time management can never be neglected. In fact, time management is one of the skills for success you’ll ever need. Below are the lessons you’ll absolutely learn as you cut your time into blocks, whether it’s only for a few or a lot of activities for the long day. You may have already learned them the hard way, but let this article guide you in any case.

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17 Skills for Success: How Many Do You Have?

Success is a very broad term. It could be overwhelming, but don’t be deceived by what you see around you especially with the successful and established people. They most probably started from scratch. They started small. But you don’t have to worry about all that, because in any case, they simply started.

We can agree that if you want to achieve success at something, you will be needing skills. You may also start from basically nothing, but skills for success may just be all you need. You have to be careful though. There are a lot of them—you don’t need them all.

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Power of Persuasion: 3 Things You’re Forgetting

How persuasive are you? Are you the one persuading others more often or is it the other way around? After all persuading has been said and done, do you like what you do next?

Whether you’re dealing (or arguing) with a superior, parent, child or a group that’s just thought-provoking, your power of persuasion must be the priority!

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