In one way or another, everybody deals with struggle every day. The problem-free life doesn’t exist—no one escapes adversity.

Overcoming adversity could be tricky. Adversity will always be around you—don’t forget this fact. How you see yourself and your hardships, and how you respond to both, will help you take advantage of whatever hard knocks you’d meet down the road.

You don’t need to worry, however. There are tricks you can learn to handle different problems, with a bit more ease.

Dealing with Adversity

When you hear the word adversity, what comes to mind? Whenever you hear it, feel it, see it, having the right reaction actually comes in handy—this can be practiced. Think about it this way: you don’t have to respond negatively—for the rest of your life—to hardships. So, how are you overcoming adversity?

Start off by changing how you define adversity. If you think adversity is all about bad luck, misfortune or simply bad vibes, why not step away from it for a moment, walk around and look at it from a different angle. Yes, pause for a moment right there. You may just be taking it all wrong!

Rather than feeling down and stuck because of a hardship, see it this way: Overcoming adversity means picking up what is left with yourself, getting it all together again, and readjusting for the next chapter of your life.

A life with purpose involves adversity.

Did you notice why all the above sounded positive? Because that’s exactly how you should be overcoming adversity! Being positive over adversity is healthy, because when you would rather be negative over the already-negative, adversity can take its toll.

From your TV to the rude people you encounter every day, negativity lurks everywhere. All that doesn’t have to get into your head, though. You can control, monitor, and manipulate whatever’s going on in there.

Everybody experiences adversity. It may take a toll on your self-esteem, self-belief, your positivity, your job, your relationships, your happiness, your life. It may come in the form of divorce, sickness or death of a loved one, job loss, and other disappointments in life.

Focusing on the Goal (Never on Adversity)

Fixing your mentality on the one big dream—your goal—would be much more liberating than concentrating on adversity itself. Inasmuch as you tend to channel your attention on unfortunate things that may happen, you can always divert your mind from the negative to the positive side of matters. You can feed your mind with positive thoughts—no excuses. After all, positivity is always good for the mind and heart, and always pushes you to chase your dreams.

Make a pact with yourself that no matter what hardships may come—how minor or major their impacts are to your life—you will face, conquer, and overcome them. A small hardship is a hardship; a big one is all the same a hardship. You may want to look at them as equally frustrating, disappointing, and bothering, but bravely facing them all anyway will be your best move. Did you notice that whenever you refused to handle a problem, you also suppressed a part of you, say, your happiness?

Don’t lose your vigor. Rather, be thankful because overcoming adversity will make you a better individual.

Set a healthy mindset over your hardships. Then observe the people who are regularly around you. You may not notice but to them, you now slowly become a mentor—a role model—inspiring them to face their monsters too. In this case, thinking positive isn’t really only for yourself—you also spread those vibes it can be contagious. Let the light of positivity shine in your little place—the whole world outside will see it.

What good has a hardship brought you? If you absolutely think nothing right came up, look closely. Ask these questions: Because of adversity, did you talk to your family or a friend, who you didn’t hear from for months? If yes, did you become closer? Did you discover a way to go about a specific problem, which you couldn’t have found out if not for the problem? If yes, would you then know what to do next time?

Sometimes, overcoming adversity might require you to look outside the box.

The facets of adversity certainly do help. They could be wonderful. You can find good in everything. Catch them. Would you believe you’re getting better than your previous self? Keep moving on.

Writing Down Accomplishments (and Reading Them Every Day)

Savor life by overcoming adversity! A good way to do so is making a list of your accomplishments. Write one or a couple every morning. At night before you sleep, read and re-read everything.

Make another list for your goals. Take note of hardships and obstacles that may come along the way. Explore how you’re going to reach your goals, giving special consideration to adversity.

Creating a vision board can really do it too. Make one that contains great images that reflect your goals in life, motivational quotes, and any photos you like that would bring out joy in you.

That Too Shall Pass—Laugh

Don’t ever believe your hardship is forever—it will pass. Just keep doing the right thing. Look forward to your dreams—the places you want to be in, the people you want in your life, the job you want to have, the person you want to become. Overcoming adversity must simply be done—not to take you down, but to reveal the greatness in you.

Laugh at least once a day to have a break from all the seriousness in your situation—but you can do better than that! When you do it multiple times a day, healing will take place faster. Laughter sets you free from the bondage of pain. The situation is already there. Either two things will only happen: you face challenges with hurt, or you face them with a positive heart.

You’ll never run out of things to laugh about. Dust your photo albums and look at yourself from two decades ago. Laugh at how your clothes looked like; laugh at your hair. Laugh like a kid who has never had a problem. Take it easy and enjoy the magic of laughter!

The Power of Your Gut

Yes, listen to your gut instincts.

Try this: Stop and listen to yourself. Don’t think about anybody else.

Think about what makes you feel right every day. Hold on to them. Do they improve your wellbeing? Do they help you smile in times of hardships? Do they clear your mind so you can attack a problem from a different angle?

Pay close attention to what doesn’t feel right. Do you let negative people affect you? Do you overthink that it crushes your self-esteem? Do you think you can’t do anything about a problem?

Think About It

Adversity has been around since humankind existed; success has been around just the same. It only comes face to face with you to break you and know who you really are. Learn from your mistakes and realize the consequences if you give in to it. Set your mind on your goals, follow your instincts, take action, and most importantly, take care of yourself. You’ll get the hang of it, with much ease and less struggle, eventually. Life must be fully enjoyed; overcoming adversity can make it even better!