How to Be Strong Even When You’re Alone

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying we should all be alone. Human beings are supposed to interact with and take care of each other. It’s life’s own design. You may enjoy being alone; there are plenty who prefer that way anyway, but I’m quite sure life is brighter when it’s lived with others.

However, learning how to be strong when you’re alone is more important than when you’d tend to depend your strength on others.

Imagine going to work … only to work. You “interact” with your coworkers but it’s only part of the job. Imagine not being able to spend some quality time with your family because of some reason. In other words, are you always tired you simply go to rest straightaway whenever you come home?

You need the support of your family and friends. But that’s not what I mean.

You’re alone every time—with an idea, mood, opinion, belief or any other thought—with which no one (or almost no one) actually agrees with you, or at least has the time to agree with you in the first place. People may not even support you. They may be kind and polite, alright, but you may be fighting for an idea only you believe in. You know what they say: People may not totally agree with you, but that doesn’t mean they have to be right.

And how would you know they could be wrong? When you prove that they are.

Our ideas are different. And we take one idea differently. Sometimes we let them die because they’re only small they can be regarded as foolish. Sometimes they’re huge, and even though they’re still foolish (from whose perspective, anyway?), we embrace them and set goals to make them happen.

I say we are alone because we’re the ones to make our own decisions anyway. Did you notice that no matter how the company of your family or friends can comfort you, it’s still you who will decide for your life in the end? Sometimes you only look for affirmations from others that what you’re doing is actually right, which can be dangerous, by the way. But note that whether you’re on the bandwagon, you’ll always end up taking charge of your decisions, and learning how to be strong, absolutely.

Develop your inner strength, the strength that would be enhanced if supported by others, but not shaken when you’re all alone, regardless of the situation.

1. Your purpose is all that matters.

Have you discovered your life’s true path? Have you made big decisions to pursue it?

I have a few friends who say outright that the degree they took in university isn’t what they really like. They take on other careers, other jobs. We talk about jobs just fine. The jobs could actually be fun. But we don’t talk about which degree we took, or any credentials we’ve earned for that matter. Are they happier? I can’t say they are, but I’m sure if they pursued a career that would incarnate their degree, they won’t be. Otherwise, they would’ve pursued it.

What’s your purpose in life? It’s a question that could be asked through a lot of different ways. Review your purpose. And remember why you’re in that position. Maybe you’re just forgetting that you’re halfway through the race. You still have some distance to go. But get back to your purpose. I’m certain that if you clear your mind and realize it once again, you’ll carry on.

2. Use your energy wisely.

Your physical and mental energy—you get them full whenever you wake up in the morning only to get them drained eventually. And as time ticks away, you have only little of that energy. That’s the reason why after some 16 hours, you sleep.

Don’t waste your energy on the wrong things. You’ll know them if you associate your purpose with every plan you execute.

Are you mad at someone? Can’t you get over the little mistakes you make in your job? Are you anxious about what’s going to happen tomorrow? Redirect that energy to something productive instead. Don’t get stuck on any thought or condition you know you can’t change or have no to little control over.


3. Outside is infinite.

The decisions you make initially call for your gut instincts, well-prepared plans and your skills. But that doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself by them. You can do it slow or fast, but discovering other things outside your comfort zone can be much more rewarding than what you believe you should only be doing based strictly on your instincts, plans and skills.

Appreciate what society and your family have taught you, but take caution; what they’ve taught you could also be restrictive to keep you from growing more.

Keep getting stronger by trying different challenges, trying those that are even more challenging. You wouldn’t know how to be strong if you don’t increase the weight. You can’t get stronger if you don’t leave where you are.

4. Educate yourself.

Read books, ask people or take some courses. Don’t stop learning.

How’d that make you stronger? Well, ask yourself this question instead: What would happen if you’re stuck at the same set of knowledge but want to take on larger visions? Then you’ll know how.

Learning doesn’t stop when they stop teaching you. Teach yourself. If you think you’re not growing anymore, go back to your purpose and reflect on it. If your purpose doesn’t agree with the current direction of your life, consider taking another direction. Or some detour. But think about it. What’s important is you’re on the right path, and no one but you can know whether you already are.

5. Let yourself go.

Don’t be afraid.

Everything you’ve learned has a reason and purpose. And there’s no way to uncover them without applying what you have learned.

Take chances. Take risks. Make mistakes. Fail … if you really want to know how to be strong. You have no chance of learning what’s actually right or wrong for you if you don’t let yourself experience all these.

You’ll be more confident to deal with adversities when you’re able to familiarize yourself with the excitement and urgency different situations can bring. That won’t be possible if you don’t let yourself go.

6. Love yourself.

It’s alright to pamper yourself at times. But there’s also such a thing called tough love.

Successful people love themselves by understanding that they consistently need to learn; they know it’s going to do them well. They’re guided by this realization in everything they do. They don’t waste the day away. They don’t hide from criticisms and are not afraid to be seen as different from the majority.

Love yourself by respecting yourself. Think that you’re doing yourself a favor by having to undergo challenging times—remember that you should be able to do this even when you’re alone.

Athletes train hard until it hurts. Businessmen take risks; yes, they fail. People who live in their passion stay up all night because they’re driven to catch the perfect angle, guided by their own voice.

Understand your passions, your worth, and what it takes to make you happy.

Yes, strength takes loving yourself, but the reverse is also true.

Love yourself. You’ll always know when you’re doing yourself a favor.

Think About It

You don’t have to seek your strength in others, whether they’re close relatives or they’re from a favorite association. You should know how to be strong when you’re alone, because the truth is you are alone. Even the closest people can’t guarantee to give you strength when you need it. I’m sure they have a great deal to worry about on their own. Perhaps they’re improving on their strength, too.

How about this—you keep on getting stronger all by yourself and from there, try reaching out to others and show them you’re working on it every day.

Yes, be strong to inspire others. Be strong for others. Wouldn’t you like that? I would.

Speak Your Mind

Do you agree that one must be able to be strong even without the others? How do you develop the strength in you? Tell us what you think below!

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  1. Tina

    Thank you

  2. Stu

    I’m a very weak person. I don’t know how to be strong nor how to love myself. I don’t really like even living sometimes. What’s wrong with me.

    • Sar

      Man. I feel the same. I don’t think somethings wrong with you. Its just that maybe we’ve been so rejected that its instilled inside of us that we cant love ourselves. Or at least its super hard for us.

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