Change in attitude is essential if you want a happier life. It wouldn’t matter what happens outside. How you think about yourself as you see things in general is what’s important.

Here are some tips you can use on how to be more positive. These might just be the only tips you’ll need to have that bliss in your life.

1. When you feel down, sing a happy song.

Anything, or anyone, may just get on your nerves. Anytime. It could suddenly happen when you don’t get what you expect, when you simply get bored with the routinish task, or when someone spurts out a negative reaction to something you just said. It isn’t your fault, but they only know how to start you up, don’t they?

Whenever you get stressed by those circumstances, simply play a happy song that you love in your head! This song can be anything as long as it evokes good feelings. What is a particular song that you like for decades now and makes you happy? This will help change that agitated mood into a smooth one!

2. Remind yourself of what you are thankful for.

List down at least ten things you are grateful for—when you wake up in the morning, then another ten just before going to bed. Whatever you have—big or small—give thanks for them. Thank for having the opportunity to experience and enjoy them, and for helping you move closer to your aspirations!

3. Go outside!

Studies reveal that getting out of the house for moderate exercise, such as walking, is the best and healthiest mood booster around! Nature is easily within your reach. You have access to it. Go get there and simply enjoy what it has to offer—fresh air, birds chirping—its beauty as a whole. Learning how to be more positive has never been easier!

4. Breathe like you mean it.

Deep breathing betters your circulation, lessens stress levels, improves brain function, and supercharges your mood.

Improve your mental health through these steps: close your eyes, inhale and hold your breath for three counts, then exhale.

A better way of breathing is by filling up your stomach with air, like a balloon, rather than shallow breathing such that only your chest and shoulders move.

5. Better possibilities await—when you smile.

Fewer muscles are needed when you smile than when you frown! Smiling can perk up your mood; someone seeing you can also perk theirs. Take things positively and your whole environment will work in harmony.

6. Laugh and get someone to laugh!

Laugh as if every laugh is your last one. How great and contagious that would be! The power of laughter is vast. It is the best medicine. It can cure almost anything—would you believe that?

7. Give back.

Get out of your comfort zone and feel good about it—help those who are in need instead!

There could be a bunch of volunteering opportunities in your area. Volunteer tutoring in schools. Do voluntary work for your local community. Volunteer for the conservation and management of the environment.

Choose an activity that is in line with your passions. Be humbled to immensely help others.

8. Help an elderly person cross the street.

Or spare someone the inconvenience by giving them your seat on the subway.

Want to try something really special? Prepare packed meals and give them to the homeless. You can visit a homeless shelter—pass out some sandwiches, fruits, water and sweets.

Do a random good deed for anyone and see their faces light up. That is more than merely feeling good inside! It greatly improves your outlook on life.

Get out of the box. See the big picture. Giving up a part of you for those who are in need will always instantly improve your perspective on life.

9. Watch children have fun.

Children are a perfect symbol of true happiness. They live in the now and worry about literally nothing. They embody joy and bliss. They are the epitome of what living in the moment is all about.

Read them a story. Watch them laugh. Enjoy the opportunity of being around them. If you are recently dragged on by life, be reminded of the children’s optimism and worry-free attitude. I’ve got to tell you, if you want to reflect on how to be more positive and optimistic in life, sometimes all you need to do is act as if you were a kid all over again!

Appreciating them is a liberating feeling. Come on, go have fun!

10. This moment is all you have—make the most out of it.

Do you still regret something you have terribly done a long time ago?

Are you so anxious about tomorrow it doesn’t allow you to have peace of mind anymore?

If you answered yes, remember that regretting or getting anxious over some areas in your life won’t really help. They only stall you, keeping you from doing what you are supposed to be doing right now.

If things are quite rough, take your time. But immerse yourself into that phase when it’s time to move on. Hey, you have this very moment to enjoy.

Don’t torture yourself by getting fixated on things you have little to no control over—the past and future.

Focus on doing well—in mind, body, and soul. After all, you know it’s the only way to reach your goals, with the next steps of your plan close at hand.

11. Discover a new passion.

You can always discover another. Get into a new hobby. Try your creative abilities. Paint, play the guitar, write poetry, or teach kids to play football.

Explore and expand the horizons by trying something new. Don’t be afraid. It’ll be fun. Appreciate discovering a thing or two more about yourself.

12. Run.

Running is a mood booster right off the bat. Run for at least an hour, three times a week. Do brisk walks, sprint, and jog, one at a time in paces comfortable to you.

13. Make a weekly journal.

Reflect and foresee potential challenges that may lie ahead. Express yourself but at the same time, be proactive with the future activities that are according to your plan.

Focus on your current feelings, the present situations, and your life goals.

Think About It

You will be ceaselessly surrounded by negativity. It will only be difficult for you if you entertain and eventually allow it to win. But have you ever asked yourself: Why bother anyway? Knowing how to be more positive and optimistic may just be much easier than how you’ve thought it to be—just give it a try if you haven’t already. Now relax, apply the tips above, and you’ll see the world in a positively different light, exactly how it should be!