Thinking intellectually makes you exercise the rational and logical portion of your brain; however, thinking intuitively takes you to where all your deep knowledge and wisdom are rooted in.

Read on to learn about ways to improve the physical and spiritual aspects of your life by believing in your gut instincts.

The Left and Right Brain

Humans use these two parts of the brain.

The left brain is specifically designed for analytical, systematic, logical, intellectual and rational thinking. Planning your finances for the month, making a schedule for an out-of-town trip, and merely thinking of strategies to defeat an opponent in a game are examples of this type of thinking. This kind usually involves solving a particular problem, confined by the problem’s limits, thus it most probably rules out how you or other people feel and think about it.

The right brain, on the other hand, is inclined to creativeness, intuition, thoughtfulness and sensitivity. This portion of your brain enables you to express yourself and be aware of your surroundings. It encourages you to respond positively and influence your environment for the better. Helping someone out who’s at the verge of breaking down, creating an arty piece (a poem, song, or painting), improvizing something, and joining a cause in your community are some examples of decisions your right brain would take.

Which part of the brain do you use more often? Do you see your purpose using it?

Both parts of the brain are needed—you can’t shut out one and deliberately try to use only the other all the time.

You only need to have a structure for your thought process when combining these two powerful thinkers.

A general plan would be necessary to make good progress with your life. This plan shall be a product of everything that you know, believe, love and need—now and as you get older.

So if you’re wondering which part of the brain you should entertain first, consider these two questions:

  • Do you want to be really good at what you’re doing?
  • Or do you want to discover your life’s true path, be really good at what you should be doing, and contribute to the world?

Alright, perhaps contributing to the world is too much, but ask yourself if you have already found your purpose in life. Does your daily routine support that purpose? Will that purpose leave you fulfilled in the long run?

Find your purpose. Discover why you’re a being who’s destined to live—until you know why, contemplate how well you’re truly living in the present.

In short, your gut instincts should come first before thinking in the sophisticated manner that you normally would.

What You Gain from Thinking by Intuition

You will attract success. Every notable leader—from Oprah to Obama—acknowledges that nothing is far-off better than responding to intuitive feelings.

You will be empowered. Having the consistent willingness to learn will teach you exactly how to deal with everyday challenges—from nailing that job interview to having fun with your significant other! You don’t have to seek the approval of others whenever you need empowerment. It’s already in you! Being empowered every day also bears another yet important trait—trust in yourself.

Your self-confidence will slowly, but greatly, improve. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Go out there and resolve matters with your gut instincts; you will discover your strengths and capabilities. Always remember that using your intuition is the right choice. This enhances your self-awareness. You’ll feel more secure with your decision-making tactics.

You will rediscover and reconnect with your spiritual self. Go ahead and be enlightened—transform and develop in your spiritual experience.

What Are You Waiting For?

Intuition is an outstanding tool, which you can use on anything, at your disposal. The “nudges” also become clearer to you when you listen to your gut instincts more often. Focus on your intuition and you’ll get right on track.

If you’ve got brilliant ideas but think they’re too big, do not dismiss them. Switch your intuition on by saying an affirmation like this: “I constantly trust and fully respond to my intuition.”

When intuition pokes you but ego just sits on top of your head—pause, take a deep breath, and chill out. Don’t let ego win in this rare battle between good and evil. Your ego may only get in the way of your advancement to your best interests.

Go for it. Your gut instincts are always right! If you are not sure whether or not a reserved move is in accordance to your true life’s path, don’t be afraid to do it anyway.

Everyone can compound their intuition, although more sensitive people take advantage of it right from the start. Keep practicing. Learn to access your gut instincts whenever there’s a need, even in uncomfortable situations.

Think About It

No one can tell and show you the way to finding your purpose. In the same way, no one can tell you what’s right and wrong for you. These realizations are game-changing hacks if you think about it. Your gut instincts are among the powerful gifts you can use as a guide through the direction you have chosen in life. Remember, before doing all the dirty work in your head, consider what your gut instincts have to say. Life will be much easier.