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Heed the Effects of Procrastination Now (Yes, Now)

Sometimes we find ourselves spacing out, daydreaming, laying our eyes on almost anything. Then suddenly we feel we wish we were doing something else, something different, something worthwhile, something fun. We impulsively shift into thinking we’re not happy doing what we’re doing at the moment.

Then we start to procrastinate.

The effects of procrastination have long been tagged as a bad thing. Simply put, when we procrastinate, we’re merely told we really have no other choice but to change our ways, in the hopes of doing better for our life. But I believe this isn’t always the case.

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Importance of Time Management: 9 Lessons You’ll Learn

You’ve heard about time management. You may even still hear about it anywhere—especially at work. (Do you hear people complain how they don’t have time to exercise?)

Whatever you do, the importance of time management can never be neglected. In fact, time management is one of the skills for success you’ll ever need. Below are the lessons you’ll absolutely learn as you cut your time into blocks, whether it’s only for a few or a lot of activities for the long day. You may have already learned them the hard way, but let this article guide you in any case.

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17 Skills for Success: How Many Do You Have?

Success is a very broad term. It could be overwhelming, but don’t be deceived by what you see around you especially with the successful and established people. They most probably started from scratch. They started small. But you don’t have to worry about all that, because in any case, they simply started.

We can agree that if you want to achieve success at something, you will be needing skills. You may also start from basically nothing, but skills for success may just be all you need. You have to be careful though. There are a lot of them—you don’t need them all.

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Power of Persuasion: 3 Things You’re Forgetting

How persuasive are you? Are you the one persuading others more often or is it the other way around? After all persuading has been said and done, do you like what you do next?

Whether you’re dealing (or arguing) with a superior, parent, child or a group that’s just thought-provoking, your power of persuasion must be the priority!

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Why Overcoming Adversity Seems Easy for the Successful

In one way or another, everybody deals with struggle every day. The problem-free life doesn’t exist—no one escapes adversity.

Overcoming adversity could be tricky. Adversity will always be around you—don’t forget this fact. How you see yourself and your hardships, and how you respond to both, will help you take advantage of whatever hard knocks you’d meet down the road.

You don’t need to worry, however. There are tricks you can learn to handle different problems, with a bit more ease.

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