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The Top 5 Goal-setting Skills You’ll Ever Need

Goal setting is a skill in and of itself. There’s no doubt about that. There’s also no doubt that it is a skill only a few give some thought about. A lot of people ignore it, especially when they think they have too much on their plate as if goal setting isn’t needed at all to achieve some organization in their life.

While goal setting is a skill, there are “sub-skills” that comprise it; they make up the big picture.

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Always Do Your Best When You’re Not Working

Think about how your typical day goes for a moment.

What are the activities you give your all to? Are you the kind who prioritizes work as if your world revolves around it? What are the other aspects of your life in which you always do your best?

You know, sometimes it’s these simple questions—which tend to be the great ones—we forget asking ourselves. Sometimes, if not most of the time, we spend our days without anymore bothering to identify what does and does not matter.

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Procrastination Is the Thief of Time: Ways to Overcome a (Generally) Nasty Thing

It’s so easy to think how icky you’re supposed to feel when procrastinating. You might think, I’ve been there. I’ve been a terrible procrastinator. Surely, procrastination is the thief of time I’ll never get back … But is it all really just a phase? Should unlearning procrastination be easy, too?

Procrastination is a learned habit. (Yes, a habit, that thing that essentially shapes our future.) The good news is that it can be unlearned, although it might not be easy.

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When Setting Personal Goals Becomes Boring Already

(Image: Dragan)

If you’re a doer, you should be a goal-setter.

Goal-setting is an essential; it’s a must. There’s just no other way around it if you truly want to achieve what your heart desires.

Goal-setting is exciting—especially if we’re talking about personal goals. Have you ever wondered why there’s just a lot of talk about SMART Goals … why you should even care?

Yes, setting personal goals is exciting. Knowing that you can turn your life around just by sticking to goals helps you open doors and discover things really worth looking forward to.

However, let’s face it—goal-setting takes time. It may sound easy or glorious or anything that’d make you feel like you’re the undiscovered hero of the world.

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