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What Is Goal Setting and Why Is It Important?

From time to time you might think, “What the fart am I doing?” Or maybe you simply get bored. Or you might think there’s no point in doing that thing that’s supposed to be wonderful.

These epiphany-like moments are precisely why I decided to write this post. It’s nice to remind ourselves about the power of setting goals. It’s ever-important because sometimes there’s this weird sense of entitlement; we should be having what we deserve already. After all, we’re working hard for it, right?

Unfortunately—especially if you’re just starting out—it’s not the case. There’s simply this magical and bitter thing we call “life” that manages to get in the way.

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What Is Personal Leadership? An Overview of the Possibly-overlooked

We find leadership everywhere—whether we like it or not, even when it doesn’t seem necessary.

The word leadership seems to be a buzzword, too. We can’t blame it, though; a lot could be at stake just because of the leadership, whether it’s of a small business or a huge empire.

However, one thing caught my attention: personal leadership. I didn’t understand what “personal” exactly meant in this curious term.

Is it about leading yourself, as if to say it’s personal to you? Is it about leading others on a personal level? Or is it perhaps about treating things in a personal manner rather than the usual uptight/corporate/formal way of living life in the fast lane?

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9 Ideas to Conquer Sleep Procrastination That’s Compromising Your Future

The problem with sleep is that everybody loves it, but many procrastinate on it.

Procrastination is about something we do not want to do.

Do that homework? Start that article? Commute to the gym? Or just take a walk? These can all be troublesome. It’s only natural to procrastinate on these until perhaps a couple of days before the deadline—if there is one.

But sleep…why not sleep? It’s an interesting phenomenon.

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Importance of Knowing Your Purpose in Life: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Find It Now

Arguably too many people exist without a purpose in life. They wake up, asking the universe, What the hell is this another day for? Is this all there is? After today, what next?

Don’t get me wrong. Living without a purpose doesn’t happen only to those who seem to be suffering or in pain, or have given up because luck didn’t find their way.

It also happens to people who appear to have it all—the money, the job, the social status. Behind all the nice and fancy stuff, at the end of the day they also ask the same question: What am I here for?

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