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Hi, I’m Ethan. Welcome!

I write about personal development with a proclivity for psychology and anything else related to psychology.

More specifically, I’ve been interested in stuff like parenting (even though I’m not a parent), resilience, trauma, depression, anxiety, empathy, narcissism, emotions, Stoicism, self-discipline, mindfulness, the infamous “purpose in life,” and others in between.

If you’re wondering if I’m alright, yes I am. It’s always a work in progress, though.

I’ve heard about the idea that in order to appreciate the beauty of life, you have to know about the other, darker, side of it. No, I’m not a masochist, but I’m finding the said idea to be true. Since then I’ve been learning about the “dark side,” too (as you’ve probably guessed based on my interests).

But they’re all part of the same thing, anyway. What am I talking about here?

The self-help space is riddled with the dangerous core advice that you must be “positive” all the time. Peddlers of such advice don’t tell you the cost of refusing to embrace, or turning a blind eye to, the everyday things that constitute the “negative.” They don’t tell you that suffering is part of what makes us human and what makes life more meaningful. That trying to be always “positive” (however one defines that term) paradoxically makes us miserable.

Whatever I learn, I write about them here. Of course I write based on my experiences, my own truth, but I also seek truths backed by science and research. Science and research have been allowing us to gain a better understanding about ourselves and the world; it’s a human achievement in and of itself and should be celebrated.

Other Published Works

My works have been published on some of the biggest personal development sites in the world such as Addicted 2 Success, Dumb Little Man, Pick the Brain, and Thrive Global.

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